Washington State Dept of Natural Resources
Fish and Wildlife Biologist 4-Environmental Analyst
Recruitment # 2015-04-6753-03349

SALARY RANGE: $ 3,819 – $ 5,010 per month plus comprehensive benefit package and retirement.
Location: Scenic Olympia, Washington
CLOSES: May 3, 2014

This exciting position is on DNR’s forest land planning team. The forest land planning team, which is part of DNR’s Forest Resources Division, is responsible for developing forest land plans, environmental impact statements, and other major planning and environmental documents for the sustainable forest management (including timber harvest) of state trust lands in Washington state. Balancing the production of revenue with ecological, social, and other values through planning is one of the team’s primary challenges.

The person in this position will serve as the team’s wildlife specialist. As a senior biologist, this person will:
*Act as the forest land planning team expert on wildlife ecology, the DNR’s State Trust Lands Habitat Conservation Plan, and DNR policies and procedures regarding wildlife.
*Analyze the potential environmental impacts of forest management activities on habitat for northern spotted owls, marbled murrelets, and other listed and non-listed wildlife species for major forest land planning efforts such as the sustainable harvest calculation. This analysis will be performed by synthesizing the ecology of the species with agency policies and procedures and using computer models, GIS, databases, and other analytical tools to determine potential impacts.
*Update and develop ecologically informed analysis tools that incorporate sound science.
*Interpret and communicate analysis results to managers to guide forest land planning and other management decisions. Suggest alternatives, mitigation, and other management solutions.
*Write clear, concise, reader-friendly sections of environmental (NEPA/SEPA) and forest land planning documents and participate in revision process with team members.
*Work with a team of analysts and planners to respond to public comments on environmental and planning documents.
*Provide technical review and coordinate scientific analysis related to ecological issues done by contractors.
*Research and write ecological papers, including resource assessments.
*Assist with public presentations and stakeholder meetings; provide background information concerning strategies related to wildlife issues.
*Working with Region and other Division staff, assist in implementing new forest land plans, policies, and procedures.


*A master’s degree in wildlife ecology and conservation or wildlife biology or a bachelor’s degree in wildlife ecology and conservation or wildlife biology and a minimum of five years of professional experience in wildlife management or research or habitat management or research.
*Knowledge of wildlife ecology, wildlife habitat management and research, endangered and threatened species management, forest ecology, landscape ecology, and the scientific method, which is demonstrated by the ability to conduct independent research, analyze data, and write discussions on major topics related to wildlife and endangered species for environmental impact statements.
*Knowledge of statistical theory and techniques and research methods, which is demonstrated by the ability to identify and define research problems, determine the extent and type of data needed, and implement results of research/analysis.
*Demonstrated knowledge of harvest techniques, silviculture, and forest inventory, and the ability to express that knowledge through effective written and oral communication.
*Demonstrated ability to speak and write effectively, participate in public meetings, and produce presentations for specific audiences, including management, the public, and stakeholders.
*Demonstrated ability to present papers and posters at scientific conferences.
*Demonstrated ability to work as a team member on team projects.
*Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).

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Questions? Please contact Heidi Tate at phone number (360) 902-1662/Heidi.Tate@dnr.wa.gov or e-mail us at DNRrecruiting@dnr.wa.gov.

For an example of a current major planning effort currently underway, please visit the Olympic Experimental State Forest (OESF) forest land planning website at the following link:

Melody Wolf
Agency Recruiter
Human Resources Division
Washington State Department Natural Resources (DNR)