We’re recruiting a new Assistant Professor (i.e. lecturer) in Tropical
Sciences at the University of Nottingham. This is a permanent position.
We’re especially keen to bring in someone working in ecology and
conservation, though would be open to applicants in behaviour or physiology
as well. Essentially we want someone with whole-organism interests in the
tropics. For the full advertisement see:


The position is being created because we need someone to run our new
Tropical Sciences degree and contribute to teaching on it. This will
commence in 2016, and any new appointment can expect to be protected for the
first couple of years to allow them to develop their research. The new
degree will be a split-site undergraduate program with two years in the UK
and one year on our campus in Malaysia, just outside KL. Candidates with
experience of working in Malaysia will therefore be particularly welcome.

We have a very friendly and collaborative group here, which has been growing
steadily over the last few years. People at Nottingham with major research
interests in the tropics include Adam Algar, Richard Field, Ahimsa Campos-
Arceiz, Sofie Sjogersten, and myself. This is only a small part of a much
larger ecology and evolution section though. Our website hasn’t been updated
for a few years but see http://ecology.nottingham.ac.uk for some idea of
what goes on here and by all means ask if you’d like to know more.

Please share this advertisement widely with anyone you know who might be
interested. This is a genuinely open call and we’re excited about bringing
in another colleague who will expand our current interests. I’m happy to
answer any general enquiries though specific questions about the position
should go through Prof. Jan Bradley who is the academic lead.

All the best,