Chumbe Island Coral Park, Zanzibar (Tanzania) is offering two volunteer positions as Ramadan Rangers for the 2015 Ramadan season. The Ramadan Rangers would be expected to arrive on the 10th of June and stay until the
22nd of July 2015.

During the Islamic holy month of Ramadan our Zanzibari Rangers are not able to swim/snorkel in the sea during daytime, but they are performing the rest of their daily duties (such as guiding forest walks, intertidal walks, lighthouse tour and viewing of the coconut crabs). Chumbe Island Coral Park, Ltd (CHICOP) seeks two volunteers to serve as snorkel guides in our
healthy coral reef.

The Ramadan Ranger position involves guest relations at Chumbe’s eco-lodge where the Rangers conduct guided snorkel tours inside the marine park which requires several hours of in-water each day. The Ramadan Rangers deliver a
professional snorkel briefing with safety information and assist guests with finding appropriate snorkel equipment for their reef excursion. The Rangers lead guests of all swimming levels in the water and follow-up after the snorkelling session with discussions of interesting and environmental issues incorporating reef guides and other visual materials. Evening power
point presentations for guests and staff are another area where Ramadan rangers will get involved. The Ramadan Rangers are also expected to share their knowledge with our Zanzibari Rangers. The position is ideal for two friends or a person who can easily work closely with other people.

*Requirements for Ramadan Ranger: *

*    Possess a background in marine biology
*    Must be a strong swimmer & have strong experience in snorkelling
*    Training in first aid and CPR
*    Fluency in English (other languages such as German and French are beneficial!)
*    Friendly and easy-going personality to interact with diverse guests
*    Adaptable and energetic

*CHICOP will provide the  Ramadan Ranger with: *

*    Basic accommodation in the Island Lodge Manager’s house
*    All daily staff food on Chumbe Island
*   Please note, we are not able to fund any travel to Zanzibar, but we will gladly arrange for your airport pick-up/ drop-off and provide you with boat transportation from Zanzibar to Chumbe Island.

This is an excellent opportunity to experience the famous Chumbe Island reef sanctuary and to work with a team of local staff members. The uninhabited island has a maximum capacity of 16 overnight guests and hosts numerous rare and endangered terrestrial and marine species. The mission statement for Chumbe Island Coral Park is “To manage, for conservation and educational purposes, the Chumbe Island Reef Sanctuary and the Forest Reserve. This is also supported by eco-tourism activities which are directly related to the non-consumptive uses of the natural resources.”

For further information please check our website We look forward to receiving applications (personal letter and CV); application deadline is April 13th, 2015!

Please use e-mail address and *Subject:  Ramadan Ranger position 2015*. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.