Field Tech Position in Southern Idaho
The Strand and Newingham Labs have an opening for two field assistants for the summer of 2015 starting in May.  The goal of the project is to understand how fire and post-fire rehabilitation interact with the environment to alter plant community trajectory, species richness, invasion by Bromus tectorum (cheatgrass), and the system’s fire regime.  Data collection trips will require camping in remote locations for 5 days.  Temperatures in the July can exceeding 100 F.

Duties: 1) Collect plant community data and specimens in the field; 2) data entry in Excel; 3) spatial analysis using ArcGIS and remote sensing and other tasks as needed.

Experience camping is required and prior experience with plant identification is highly desired.  Additionally, some combination of experience with field work, GPS receivers, navigating back country locations, off-road experience, or GIS, or remote sensing is preferred.

This is a great opportunity to learn about issues in sagebrush land management and potentially interact with staff from the BLM and USGS.

Start Date: Start date is somewhat flexible, but is scheduled to begin mid-May through Early or mid August, depending on start date.

Pay Rate: $9 – $12 /hr depending on experience.

Locations: Lab space will be in Boise with fieldwork conducted in southern Idaho.

Duties: Fieldwork and camping in remote locations, collecting plant community data and specimens, data entry in Excel, spatial analysis using

Please apply using the  University of Idaho website (<> You will be required to submit a resume (including unofficial transcripts) and a letter of interest detailing your skills and experience and how you would contribute to the project.  The positions will be open until filled.

For more information please contact Chris Bowman-Prideaux (bowm9710@<> or  Eva Strand (<>