The Dillon lab ( is seeking an outstanding graduate student in integrative biology to work on an NSF-funded project examining morphological, physiological, and genomic signatures of adaptation of bumblebees across latitude and altitude.  The selected student will
work closely with other students in the Dillon lab, with Jeff Lozier at the University of Alabama
(, and with Jamie Strange at Utah State University
( as part of a collaborative interdisciplinary effort to understand how abiotic heterogeneity drives morphological, physiological, and genomic variation across large spatial scales in complex mountain landscapes of the western US.

In addition to a strong academic record, excellent communication skills and experience working in challenging field conditions, the ideal candidate will have some background in functional
morphology, biomechanics of insect flight, thermal physiology, or respiratory physiology. Start date is flexible but could be as early as Summer 2015.

Please send statement of interest and CV to Michael Dillon (