SNAP 2015 Call for Proposals

SNAP: Science for Nature and People announces the 2015 call for new project proposals. Proposals for new SNAP Working Groups will be accepted until Monday, May 18, 2015 (

SNAP ( is an innovative scientific collaboration between NCEAS, The Nature Conservancy and the Wildlife Conservation Society, aimed at solving the most pressing challenges and advancing solutions at the intersection of nature conservation and human well-being. SNAP operates at the boundary between analysis and action.

Successful Working Group proposals will help answer two overarching questions:

*   How can nature conservation broadly benefit human well-being while enhancing longer-term ecological resilience and sustainability?

*   How can economic development and humanitarian activities be conducted in a sustainable manner and what alternatives can be explored to achieve this sustainability?

Proposals must be developed either within or in collaboration with SNAP partner institutions. Interested researchers should contact one of the following for help with shaping proposals, and identifying appropriate collaborators:

* For PIs from academic institutions: Craig Groves (
* For PIs from WCS: Carter Ingram (
*  For PIs from TNC: Jensen Montambault (

Download SNAP Call for Proposals .pdf at

Today, SNAP also announced the selection of seven new Working Group projects from the 2014 RFP process, bringing the SNAP portfolio to 19 Working Groups. For more information: