Dates, approximately, and with some flexibility….November 8-November 14, 2015.

One big obstacle for them is sheer group size. The group leader says he will be bring approximately 140 male High School Students.

Does anyone on the list have suggestions for an organization that would have the interest, facilities and staff to handle a group like this? They would be willing to use a local hotel for their housing needs. So, I’m looking for on-site resources….Boats, experienced Guides/Marine Biology or other Science related Instructors and other Instructional Resources.

Again, they can travel to any site along the Gulf coast, or se Atlantic Coast. The Florida Keys would also work very well for them.

This Group would be pleased to work with a College or University that has a Marine facility. not a requirement though.

Also, is not allowed by Aministration to fly. They will be traveling by buses and can travel a great distance. Leaving the U.S. is not an option, so they are limited to the entire Gulf Coast OR the southeast U.S. for their November experience.

I don’t think that a cruise in the Caribbean would be an option, unless there is something out there that I am not aware of.

Thank you in advance.