We are seeking an MSc student for a new project examining the relationship between grazing, rangeland health and biodiversity in Alberta’s grasslands. The successful candidate will be co-supervised by Drs. Cameron Carlyle and
Edward Bork (Dept. of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science) and work with a team that includes rangeland scientists, ecologists, life cycle assessment specialists, government and non-government organizations, other graduate students and postdocs at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. The overall goal of the project is to assess the impacts (positive
and negative) of beef production on biodiversity, and integrate that knowledge into life-cycle analyses of the beef industry. This project builds on existing data sets but will also collect new data.  The role of the MSc student will be to assess rangeland health and relate it to biodiversity. The development of new research questions with supervisors will be encouraged and supported.  A stipend (minimum $21,000/year) is available for two years. The project is funded by the Alberta Livestock and
Meat Agency, Ltd.

Candidates should be highly motivated, enthusiastic and have a minimum of a BSc in biology, ecology, rangeland science, botany, environmental science, or related field. Study sites are on privately held land, thus the ability to communicate effectively in English with a diverse group of people is essential. Strong plant identification skills are highly desirable.
Extensive field work throughout the province will be required during the summer under sometimes adverse conditions (i.e. weather, bugs) and long field days and a flexible schedule will be required. A valid driver’s license and clean driving record are mandatory. Candidates must meet the university’s entrance requirements:

The position can begin immediately but no later than May 2015. Interested
individuals should send questions or a cover letter with research
interests, a resume describing relevant education, work experience and the
names of references to:

Dr. Cameron Carlyle cameron.carlyle@ualberta.ca, (780) 492-2546 or

Dr. Edward Bork, edward.bork@ualberta.ca, (780) 492-3843

Cameron N. Carlyle
Assistant Professor, Rangeland Ecology
Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutritional Science
University of Alberta
4-10 Agriculture/ Forestry Centre
Edmonton, AB T6G 2P5


Twitter: @CamCarlyle
Office: 780.492.2546
Fax:    780.492.4265