Dear Fellow EWC Participants,
Katie Gao and Beth Comstock from the Department of Linguistics are working on a short film project about Language Diversity on the UHM campus, and they would like to appeal to you for help! This is not a research project, but they will be compiling interviews and maps, to be made available on YouTube as an educational material –– for future use in linguistics classes and potentially as introduction for new staff and students coming to UHM.
They will have table at the Summer Session fair in the Campus Center Courtyard on Tuesday, March 3 from 10:30-12:30There will be several maps on large bulletin boards where students and faculty/staff can stop by and put a pin wherever they are from. We will also have a video camera and will informally interview some students about their own dialects. They hope to get a good representation of the local, interisland, Mainland, and international diversity we have on campus!
So, if you’re willing, please drop by at their booth and help them out.