West Virginia University is seeking an established water resources scientist who can lead a new campus-wide water resources initiative.  A detailed description of the position can be found  on the Chronicle of Higher Education website.​ https://chroniclevitae.com/jobs/0000870398-01.  WVU’s water scholars and scientists are housed across several colleges and have active research and teaching programs.  Many of these faculty have a history of working closely with the WV Water Research Institute, which has a reputation for conducting exceptional research on water-related issues of regional importance (e.g., drinking water, wastewater treatment, energy production and water interactions, stream/river quality impacts, groundwater and  basin wide hydrologic models).  WVU faculty have also created a significant body of water scholarship and curriculum across fields such as natural resources management, agriculture, law, policy, chemistry and engineering.

Our current initiative seeks to bring in an established water scientist capable of leveraging and coalescing existing programs to build a water scholarship and research center at WVU of national and international distinction. The successful candidate would develop a new Center for Water Security which would attract students, scholars and scientists to WVU to build international leadership in the water related disciplines and research. As part of the campus-wide water resources initiative, WVU has several existing strengths that a successful candidate will be able to build upon, including:
– a network of labs that allow for in-house analysis of water, soil, and biological samples
– a network of active faculty that interact through the WVU Community of Water Scholars
– the WV WRI, which links together faculty, industry, and state and federal agencies on water related matters of state and regional concern.
Results of water research in West Virginia and the region are disseminated through several meetings attended by a wide variety of clientele including the Water Research Institute annual meeting and the WV Mine Drainage Task Force Symposium.

Additional information on the WVU Water Resources Initiative can be found here.