Volunteer field assistants are needed for a project focusing on the rock iguanas, Cyclura cornuta and Cyclura ricordii in the summer and fall of 2015. The exact dates are yet to be determined, but the summer season will be roughly early June through mid-August and the fall season will be early September through late October. Should you be interested, you will need to be available for at least one of these entire periods. Hispaniola is the only Caribbean island that is home to two Rock Iguana species. These iguanas are threatened primarily with habitat modification and destruction and poaching. In an effort to better understand how these species interact with each other, and to aid in their conservation and management, we are using a combination of genetic and ecological techniques to evaluate the current and historic range of these species and to elucidate the environmental variables that limit and define their distributions. During these field seasons we will be focusing specifically on nest monitoring and radio-tracking of hatchling iguanas in the southwest Dominican Republic.

Field assistants will be expected to aid in capture and processing iguanas (measuring, weighing, DNA sampling, etc.), as well as radio-telemetry and nest excavation. In addition, we will be employing the use of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) this year. We are seeking volunteers with all or some combination of 1) experience handling reptiles, 2) experience radio-tracking, and 3) experience flying UAVs. Spanish speaking ability is strongly appreciated.

A 12-hour workday in a variety of harsh environmental conditions is to be expected. This work is only suitable for the most physically fit people, who are very tolerant of heat, insects, and poisonous plants. Volunteers can expect to walk up to 10 km per day. Volunteers will be provided with housing and food, but are responsible for travel to the field site in Pedernales,
Dominican Republic.

If you are interested, please prepare a cover letter and CV that specifically addresses the previously listed three qualifications, your Spanish speaking ability, and your ability to work in this harsh environment. Please also provide contact information for two references who you have worked with in the field..  Email Dr. Stesha Pasachnik (SAPasachnik@gmail.com) and include Field Assistant_Your Last Name, in the subject heading.