To those who may be interested in the MSc course in Marine Environmental Protection or MSc in Marine Biology at the School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor University, Wales UK.  These courses are very well established and have 20 credit modules in:  Marine Ecological Research Skills, Marine Habitat Ecology and Survey, Marine Fisheries, Environmental Impact Assessment, Marine Vertebrates, Marine Invertebrates and Culture, Marine Conservation and Integrated Coastal Zone Management (including Coastal Zone Law and Geographical Information Systems), Marine Research Project Planning, and involve a 60 credit 3 month practical research project.  The School is situated in a Special Area of Conservation and has excellent facilities and specialised laboratories including an ocean going vessel.  There is a large alumni of graduates from these courses working in marine science and conservation across the globe.   Full details can be found at
pg.php.en.  We invite applications not only from graduates in natural sciences, but also people with experience of working in the marine environment who wish to update their knowledge and gain level 7 qualifications.