Underrepresented graduate students or postdoctoral fellows interested in faculty careers are encouraged to apply for the Rising Stars in Chemistry Symposium<http://t.signaledue.com/e1t/c/5/f18dQhb0S7lC8dDMPbW2n0x6l2B9nMJW7t5XYg1qwvz2W653lLR2BWlDsW5w6vTF56dW43f1Yvrs402?t=http%3A%2F%2Fchemistry.uchicago.edu%2Fpage%2Fin-memoriam.html&si=6433353922772992&pi=3d0046e0-fcca-4be0-ff41-54a1d9db136a> at the University of Chicago. This event will take place on June 8, 2015and the deadline to apply is Monday March 2.

This workshop is aimed at future faculty-advanced doctoral students or postdoctoral fellows who are interested in an academic career in organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, materials, chemical biology, biophysics, and other areas within the molecular sciences.

The Department of Chemistry (http://chemistry.uchicago.edu/page/in-memoriam.html) is rapidly expanding through a mix of junior and senior hiring. Recent recruits include Yamuna Krishnan, Bryan Dickinson, Ray Moellering, Suri Vaikuntanathan, Andrei Tokmakoff, Wenbin Lin, and Bozhi Tian. The Department enjoys close ties with the James Franck Institute (materials), the Institute for Biophysical Dynamics (structural, cellular, and chemical biology), the Computation Institute, and the new Institute for Molecular Engineering, which together foster a collegial and exciting atmosphere for interdisciplinary science.

The Rising Stars in Chemistry Symposium will enable participants to present their research to a diverse audience, to network with researchers in their fields at Chicago, and to learn about recent developments and ongoing opportunities at the University of Chicago. Of course, you will meet the other participants, the next generation of leaders in Chemistry. We also invite participants to explore the city of Chicago the day after the Symposium, Tuesday, June 9.

The workshop is free to participants, and their expenses for travel, lodging in Hyde Park at the new Hyatt Place Chicago-South / University Medical Center Hotel for the nights of June 7-9, and meals during the Symposium will be covered. Applicants should send a curriculum vitae (CV) with publications to chem-chair@lists.uchicago.edu<mailto:chem-chair@lists.uchicago.edu> and ask their present advisors/mentors to email the same address a brief (no more than 500 words) recommendation to attend the meeting. The deadline to receive all materials is Monday, March 2, 2015.

If you have additional questions, please send a message to chem-chair@lists.uchicago.edu<mailto:chem-chair@lists.uchicago.edu>.

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Kafai, Y. B., Peppler, K. A., & Chapman, R. (2009) (Eds.). The Computer Clubhouse: Constructionism and Creativity in Youth Communities. New York, NY: Teachers College Press.