An opportunity exists for several (3-4) graduate students to join an upcoming summer course in China, based at Sun Yat Sen University in Guangzhou and its affiliated research stations.  The course offers a full scholarship, airfare and expenses covered by an NSF grant.  The other graduate students participating in the course are from several US universities and numerous Asian countries.  Because the course was postponed last year, some students had to cancel their participation, which opened up these spots.


Topics in Tropical Asian Forestry with a focus on modern ecological field techniques


June 8-30, 2015

Sun Yat Sen University and associated research sites in Guangdong

The course will include several days of intensive lectures and discussions and two field trips to field research stations of SYSU.  One will be to Nei Ling Ding Island, where primate behavior research is conducted, and the other will be to Hei Shi Ding Forest Reserve, where a forest plot has recently been established in subtropical forests.


Chuck Cannon (Texas Tech), David Lohman (City University of New York), Richard Corlett (XTBG), Doug Yu (Kunming Institute of Zoology), Fangliang He (University of Alberta), Peng Zhang (SYSU), Suhua Shi (SYSU),
and others…

Please submit a brief PDF document to  The document should express your interest in participating in the course, including a bit about your research experience and interests and contact info for two references.