Volunteer field assistants are needed for an on-going wild feline monitoring and conservation project at the Aula Global Biological Reserve, a remote private reserve located in the mountainous regions near Monteverde, Costa Rica. The Global Classroom has been conducting scientific studies focusing on documenting the movement and population density of endemic cats (jaguar, puma, ocelot, margay, jaguarundi) within the reserve. Among other tasks, volunteers will be using camera traps, track pads, animal tracking techniques, and photography to gather information on local and transient cats within the reserve. Collected data will be entered into a database.

Secondary work projects within our private biological reserve may include bird, mammal and reptile census and behavioral observations, trail maintenance, orchid identification and canopy exploration requiring technical climbing equipment.  We have several rare species of birds that nest on our property during the spring, including the Three-wattled Bellbird, Resplendent Quetzal, and the Bare-necked Umbrellabird.  We will be focusing on documenting the breeding and nesting habits of the Bare-necked Umbrella bird using direct observation, photo / filming of this little known species. If volunteers are interested, upon discussion with the Aula Global Staff, they may conduct custom-built projects.

No previous rain forest experience is necessary, but field assistants must be motivated, self directed and prepared for off trail hiking in rugged, wet conditions. Participants may be asked to carry 15-20 kg loads short distances as all food and equipment must be hiked into the research station due to no road access. Research sessions run in one week sessions. Volunteers are welcome to participate in multiple sessions if they wish.

Spring 2015
Session 1: March 29thApril 4th
Session 2: April 5th — 11th
Session 3: April 12th — 18th
Session 4: April 19th — 25th

Cost is $400 per week and includes transportation from Monteverde to Aula Global reserve, all food and lodging within the reserve, all technical equipment, canopy climbing safety training, animal tracking and other related workshops. A $200 deposit is required to save your space.


TO APPLY please contact Colin Garland at: colin@ravenadventures.com