Western Washington University’s Shannon Point Marine Center’s (SPMC) invites applications from undergraduates for its Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Site this summer.  The program will support independent, supervised research on the part of eight undergraduates in 2015. Student support includes a $4500 stipend plus a $567 food allowance, a travel allowance and housing at SPMC for the nine-week session (June 23 – August 21). Students work with faculty supervisors in designing and conducting projects and in developing written and oral reports at the conclusion of the session. General research themes include studies on productivity and nutrient cycling in local watershed systems; marine microbial ecology; physiology of symbiosis; larval development; physiology, ecology, and morphology of marine invertebrates; and chemical ecology. Additional information on the program and SPMC is available atwww.wwu.edu/spmc/reu.shtml.