REU Internship – Minorities in Marine and Environmental Sciences (MIMES) Program, SCDNR Charleston, South Carolina

There is an opportunity for minority undergraduates interested in marine and environmental sciences to participate in the NSF-funded Minorities in Marine and Environmental Sciences (MIMES) Program, a 12-week paid summer internship at the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources in Charleston, South Carolina USA.  I have served as Principal Investigator for this program since 2009 and most recently was successful in securing funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to implement this program in the summers of 2013-2015.

In 2015, this 12-week paid summer internship will be from May 18th to August 7th 2015, with the grant covering the costs of return travel to and from Charleston, dormitory housing with the College of Charleston, a $4,500 stipend and any associated individual intern research project costs (up to $500 per student). Each intern will receiving expert training in the key professional skills needed to pursue graduate school and/or a career in the marine and environmental science disciplines, design and complete an individual research project under the guidance of their mentor(s), and will present their findings to their peers and the Fort Johnson research community at the end of the program in a one-day colloquium setting.

More information about the MIMES Program and instructions on the application process can be found at the following websites:

MIMES Program website:
MIMES Program application information:
MIMES Program Facebook page:

Please note that our deadline for applications is MARCH 13th 2015 and so there are now less than 6 weeks left for interested students to apply!!!!