Research Program Seminar Presents


The ASEAN Economic Community 2015: State ofImplementation and the Challenges Ahead

Jörn Dosch

Visiting Scholar, East-West Center

Monday, February 9, 2015

12:00 Noon – 1:00 p.m.

John A. Burns Hall, Room 3012 (3rd floor)

With the impending ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) looming large over the horizon, it is time to ask: how far has theAssociation of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) progressed on the long and winding road toward regional economic integration? The AEC is base           d on four pillars: single market and production base; competitive economic region;   equitable economic development, and integration into the global economy. The seminar provides an independent andunbiased assessment of the achievements, hurdles and challenges in the process of AEC implementation that a criticallook at ASEAN’s rather optimistic and rosy self-assessment. Can we realistically expect the AEC to be in place by the endof this year or are ASEAN’s current efforts in outlining a post-2015 integration agenda indicative of an old problem, namely atendency of developing new visions instead of implementing what has already been agreed on? The story is not allpessimistic. While we won’t see a fully integrated region in a few months’ time, in some areas substantial progress hasbeen made.

Jörn Dosch is Professor at the Department of Political Science, University of Rostock (Germany), where he holds the chairof International Politics and Development Cooperation. Previous positions include Professor of International Relations andHead of the School of Arts and Social Sciences at Monash University (Malaysia Campus) and Head of the Department ofEast Asian Studies, University of Leeds, UK. He has published some 100 books and academic papers on Southeast Asianpolitics and international relations, including “The New Global Politics of the Asia Pacific”, 2nd edition, Routledge 2011(with M. Connors and R. Davison) and the “Changing Dynamics of Southeast Asian Politics”, Lynne Rienner 2007.Professor Dosch also regularly works as a consultant for the European Union’s development program with Asia and hasevaluated several donor-funded projects in support of ASEAN.