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Here is another interesting opportunity for your students: The Critical Studies on Food in Italy 2015 Summer Program
(applications should be submitted by February 15 for full consideration, late applications are welcome and will be reviewed on a space -available basis). This program started in the summer of 2010. Since then, students coming from different universities and departments have had the chance to work and study in an interdisciplinary manner of interesting projects strongly integrated with the territory (inside and outside of Rome) and the communities. The students have been also able to combine their cultural experience that is typical of study abroad with a rich experience and learning opportunity in the field of Food Studies (encompassing the observation and the analysis of the entire food supply chain.)

This program has grown over the years to evolve into a program that is even more defined and detailed. Last year, it received the official Expo 2015 recognition as an International School project. The goal of the EXPO 2015 School Projects is to leave behind a wealth of knowledge, experience and cultural and technological values to future generations.
We think that this program perfect fits and complements a Food Studies curriculum by allowing undergraduate students to put their ideas and information learned at school into practice, not only in a practical manner but also with a focus on the cultural differences in the different food systems.

I would suggest to all students who are thinking of having an experience abroad this coming summer to take this opportunity seriously. It will give them a chance to better understand which sector to concentrate on during their academic (and professional) careers.

The program has also received positive evaluations from professors and graduate students who have participated in the program like students for its critical approach and the way in which it is designed. I will attach a comment from one of our 2014 students, a PhD student from Duke University, This Summer Program ” provides students with an unparalleled opportunity to engage directly with some of Italy’s most prominent and influential food entrepreneurs. The institute advances traditional classroom learning by encouraging critical discussion about food activism, cultural preservation, and global economics with these critical players in the food industry.” “….. its ability to introduce students to some of the most prominent players in the field of food entrepreneurship, critical food studies, and historical preservation of food culture. Nowhere else do students have the opportunity to discuss the cultural politics of food with the very people who are shaping the field of study on this topic in Rome”.

In the past, we have also had some students  participate who were not directly enrolled in a Food Studies program (business, anthropology and history students, for example) and who have had a great advantage by participating in the program. They had the chance to do specific research on their actual field of study and have had many stimulating ideas. So, we also recommend this program to others like them.

*Here is the list of courses that a student can choose:*
-Critical Studies on Food Culture (3 credits) COURSE
-Food media, Communication and Trends (3 credits) COURSE
-Food, Nutrition and Culture in Italy (3 credits) COURSE
-Italian Lexicon for Food Studies (3 credits) COURSE

*Of course, guided visits and community engagements projects are included:
*Excursions (3 days in Cilento included), Farm visits, Thematic meals and
Food visits in the City
Meetings with experts are also included (other than the in-class academic lectures) In the Food and Media course, students will produce professional level video-documentaries with professionals in the sector.

*Please pass these info on to your students –  Some scholarship are also available*

DURATION: 5-WEEK Full Immersion  Food Studies Summer Program
WHEN: 18 MAY 2015 – 20 JUNE 2015
If you have any questions or to request an application, please write to  or to