NOAA Fisheries releases draft Climate Science Strategy for public comment

From: Roger Griffis – NOAA Federal []
Subject: NOAA Fisheries releases draft Climate Science Strategy for public comment

Dear Colleagues –

I am pleased to let you know that NOAA Fisheries has released a draft Climate Science Strategy for public comment. I hope you will consider sharing this announcement with your networks and providing input to help strengthen the Strategy. The purpose of the Strategy is to increase the production, delivery, and use of climate-related information in fulfilling NOAA fisheries stewardship mission for marine and coastal resources.

The draft Strategy and information for submitting comments can be found on our website:

The Strategy is part of a proactive approach to collect and provide information on changing climate and ocean conditions to resource managers. It also responds to drivers such as the Presidents National Climate Action Plan and the National Fish, Wildlife and Plants Climate Adaptation Strategy that call for increased action to address the impacts of a changing climate on the nation’s valuable natural resources and resource-dependent sectors.

The draft Strategy identifies seven key steps needed to increase the production and use of climate-related information to fulfill NOAA Fisheries mission. The Strategy proposes specific actions to address common needs across regions and agency mandates. Implementation of the Strategy will help reduce impacts and increase resilience of marine resources and the communities that depend on them in a changing climate.

While the Strategy is focused on strengthening the NOAA Fisheries science enterprise needed to prepare for and respond to a changing climate, NOAA Fisheries depends on many science partners inside and outside of NOAA to meet these needs. Input, engagement, and support for the Strategy from science and non-science sectors is critical to its success.

Thank you for your interest and assistance. For more information, please contact Roger Griffis, Climate Change Coordinator at 301-427-8134 or

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