Abstracts due Jan 30th!

The 2015 UCOWR/ NIWR/ CUAHSI Conference: Water is Not for Gambling: Utilizing Science to Reduce Uncertainty
June 16-18, at the Green Valley Ranch Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. Submit your abstract here<http://ucowr.org/conferences/abstract-submission>. http://ucowr.org/conferences

Uncertainties in climate, population, land use, biodiversity, and infrastructure continue to pose enormous interdisciplinary challenges to our ability to effectively manage our water resources. UCOWR, CUAHSI, and NIWR invite you and your colleagues to join leading water managers, educators, researchers, and other professionals from across the country to the joint conference of these national organizations to address some of the most compelling and important challenges facing our profession. In addition to the sessions described in the call for papers, panel discussions will be held to address the question: Does our improved understanding of water resource policy, planning, and modeling lead to better management of our water resources?

Presentations are welcome in, but not limited to, a broad range of topics including:
Water Reuse and Conservation * Remote Sensing and Water Resources * Water Quality, Remediation, and Management * Emerging Contaminants * Deep Groundwater, Fluid Injection, and Hydraulic Fracturing * Gulf Hypoxia * Urban Water Management * Agricultural Best Management Practices * Food, Energy, Security, and Water Resources * Water, Sanitation, and Health (WASH) in the Developing World and Hydrophilanthropy * Springs and Wetlands * Water Resources Management Under Climatic and Environmental Change * Drought * Irrigation Efficiency and Management * Colorado River * Environmental Flows, Pulse Flows, Multispecies Protection * Invasive Species * Water Resources Policy, Planning, and Legal Challenges * Human Dimensions of Watershed Management * Transboundary Water Issues * Flood Management * Water Transactions, Banking, Pricing * Water Education


For more info, please contact:
Melissa Pind UCOWR Headquarters ucowr@siu.edu (618) 536-7571
David Kreamer University of Nevada, Las Vegas dave.kreamer@unlv.edu (702) 895-3553