Position Objectives:
In cooperation with the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW), The Great Basin Institute is recruiting 6 AmeriCorps members to serve as part of an inter-disciplinary vegetation/habitat assessment team. The overall objective of this habitat assessment effort is to perform detailed vegetation and site data collection at locations where habitat restoration projects will be undertaken and at sites where restoration is underway. Sites for monitoring climate change will also be sampled. Restoration project sites are located in Wyoming sagebrush, pinyon-juniper woodlands and mountain sagebrush communities across northern Nevada. Restoration projects are focused on wildlife habitat including Sage Grouse (endangered species candidate), Mule deer, and a variety of non-game species. The vegetation and site data are used to help guide proper treatment design and to provide a baseline data set against which treatment effects may be measured.

General field duties include walking long distances over uneven and sometimes steep terrain, collecting GPS locations of sampling plots and other plot-specific data, observing wildlife, identifying vegetative demographics and distribution, and taking photo-points. Sampling vegetation structure and composition using the Assessment, Inventory, and Monitoring (AIM) methodology will be the principle focus of field data collection, resulting in estimates for foliar cover, canopy gap, herbaceous and woody density, and plant species richness. AIM field data will be entered into the electronic Database for Inventory, Monitoring and Assessment. This position will require travel to and from field sites and extended field camping in order to ensure that all transects are successfully completed during the field season. Implementation may require long hours including early mornings and weekends. The timeframe for field data collection will generally be 8 days on (Wed-Wed) – for travel to sampling region, field sampling and on-site camping, and return to GBI/NDOW in Reno – followed by 6 days off (Thu-Tue). Time will also be spent in the GBI offices performing data entry and QA/QC, plant identification, and other office-related tasks. Time spent training during the beginning of the field season and post-season office work involving data QA/QC and other assigned duties will follow a typical Mon-Fri schedule.

Timeline and Compensation:
21-week positions (4) Contract length: April 20, 2015 – September 11, 2015

Living Allowance: $5,880

AmeriCorps Education Award*: $2,150
Monthly housing stipend: $350
Student loan forbearance
Field camping per diem
Health insurance provided

15-week positions (2)
Contract length: May 4, 2015 – August 14, 2015 (flexible start date may be considered for qualified applicants)
Living Allowance: $4,275
AmeriCorps Education Award*: $1,493
Monthly housing stipend: $350
Student loan forbearance
Field camping per diem
Health insurance provided

* AmeriCorps Education Award may be used for past, present or future education experiences, including payment of qualified federal student loans.

The position will be based out of GBI’s Reno, NV office and field work will be staged from the Nevada Department of Wildlife Reno office. Field sites are located through northern Nevada, and may require several hours up to a full day of travel time to access. Terrain is typical of the Great Basin with wide, long valleys bordered by mountain ranges. Field conditions include hot, arid days with high exposure to the sun and nights with temperatures possibly dropping to near freezing at high
elevations. Resources include big game habitat, Wilderness Study Areas, active grazing allotments, abandoned mine lands, historic and prehistoric cultural sites, and wild horse management areas.

• Bachelor’s degree or coursework in one of the major natural sciences;
• Understanding of basic principles related to the fields of botany, soil science, wildlife biology, geology, and/or hydrology;
• Applicants should possess some relevant or related field experience; applicants with plant identification experience preferred
• Ability to navigate and set a bearing using a compass, navigate to predetermined locations using GPS, and read a topographical map; both on foot and driving an off-road vehicle
• Ability to communicate effectively, both written and orally, with a diverse audience;
• Physically fit to work outdoors, carry personal and field equipment, lift heavy gear, and withstand working and primitive camping with no amenities for up to eight consecutive days in sometimes inclement weather during spring and summer in northern Nevada; and
• Meet AmeriCorps eligibility requirements: (1) U.S. citizenship or legal resident alien status, (2) eligible to receive an AmeriCorps
Education Award (limit of four in a lifetime or equivalent of 2 full- time awards), and (3) pass National Sex Offender Public Registry (NSOPR) and federal criminal background checks.

How to Apply:
Qualified and interested applicants should forward a cover letter, their résumé, and a list of three professional references to Amy Gladding, GBI Human Resources Coordinator, at agladding@thegreatbasininstitute.org. In your cover letter, please indicate:
• Whether you are interested in a 21-week position, a 15-week position, or a position of either duration
• Where you found this position posted

This program is available to all, without regard to race, color, national origin, disability, age, sex, sexual orientation, political
affiliation, or religion. Persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.