This week The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew advertised the Science posts below.  Two of the posts Please follow the hyper links to each post or search on Jobs at Kew on the Kew home page <> The closing date for applications is February 15th  2015.

Research positions:

<>Early Career Research Fellowships

<>Senior Research Leader – Plant Health

<>Research Leader – Conservation Genetics

<>Research Leader – Crop Plants

<>Research Leader – Digital Collections

<>Research Leader – Identification and Naming (Americas)

<>Research Leader – Integrated Monography

<>Research Leader – Plant & Fungal Names & eTaxonomy

<>Senior Biodiversity Informatician

<>Biodiversity Informatician

<>Lead Developer – Drupal

Technical positions:

<>Senior Science Officer – Policy

<>Imaging/EM Lab Technician

<>Molecular Lab Technician

<>Seed Germination Assistant

<>Digital Collections Assistant

<>Lab-based Collections Assistant

Support positions:

<>Science Administrator – Communications

<>Support Officer to the Millennium Seed Bank

<>Support Officer to the Senior Science Team