The University of Michigan Biological Station has two superstars in the
field teaching its Field Botany class for summer 2015. Dr. Charles Davis
is Curator of Vascular Plants in the Harvard University Herbaria and
Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at Harvard. He is a world expert on the parasitic (and remarkably bloomed) plant family
Rafflesiaceae. Dr. Anton Reznicek is Curator of Vascular Plants at the
University of Michigan Herbarium and a Research Scientist at the University of Michigan. He is an internationally recognized expert on sedges, especially the genus Carex.

Field Botany is a graduate-level course, though undergraduates with a strong biology background are welcome to enroll. Course information is available at

The University of Michigan Biological Station is located on Douglas Lake,
near Pellston, Michigan at the tip of the lower peninsula. The Station is
situated in the heart of the Great Lakes, with 3 of the lakes within a few
hours’ drive. It also is near many unique and sensitive habitats including
dunes, alvar, bogs, marshes and old-growth forest.