Submissions are invited for a symposium on “Cooperative (Big) Predators: The links between Communication, Cognition and Sociality”, to be held at the Behaviour 2015 conference in Cairns, Australia, 9-14th August. We are particularly interested in presentations giving species-specific examples of the link between communication and cognition, communication and sociality, or cognition and sociality, in large predators. However, all submissions dealing with the link between these aspects of animal behaviour are welcome. Submission details can be found on the Behaviour 2015 website

Cooperative (Big) Predators: The links between Communication, Cognition and Sociality
Symposium Organisers:
Arik Kershenbaum – University of Cambridge
Daniel Blumstein – University of California Los Angeles
Marie Roch – San Diego State University
Jan Koler-Matznik – New Guinea Singing Dog Conservation Society
Holger Klinck – Oregon State University
Eloïse Déaux – Macquarie University
Barbara Smuts – University of Michigan
Emma J Dunston – Charles Sturt University
Rebecca Doyle – University of Melbourne
Jackie Abell – University of Coventry

Social predators, like wolves and hyenas, have evolved complex social structures
and behaviours such as cooperative hunting. Many of these species also display
complex communication behaviours, and the combination of these two phenomena
suggests sophisticated cognitive capacities and processes. This symposium will
draw together contemporary research findings on the links between communication
and social behaviour (including cooperation) of large predators. The symposium
will synthesise a new approach to the study of the cognitive-communicative-
social complex, and its implications for future research into the evolution of
cognition and language. One outcome of the symposium will be a published
collection of papers outlining this approach. Papers are invited that explore
each of these themes and the interaction between them from the perspective of a
single species, or from a cross-species perspective.