The abstract submission deadline for CONFORWest 2015 has been extended!

We’ve had a lot of responses, but there are still spaces open. Submit your abstract by January 15th, 2015 to secure your spot! CONFORWest 2015 will be held from February 58, 2015 at Friday Harbor Labs, located on beautiful San Juan Island in Washington State.

There has been some interest from people who would like to attend but not necessarily present. We welcome submissions from everyone, even those who may not have a set thesis project or any results. We do, however, encourage you to present a poster or give an informal talk on some of the ideas or concepts you would like to focus on in your studies, present your proposal or even present work you have done in the past. If you still don’t want to present anything we would ask you to still submit a statement of research interest/background and why you would like to attend. Please also answer the other applicable questions in the submission guidelines, as you would for an abstract submission.

CONFORWest is an annual conference for graduate students, who are studying environmental sciences, forestry, and other natural resource management fields (including social sciences and humanities). It is organized by graduate students from northwestern North America, who hope to provide a unique and comfortable forum for discussing future challenges in resource management fields, while building networks with peers. We hope to expose graduate students to varying perspectives on environmental and forestry research from outside their disciplines and to encourage meaningful dialogue
between students of different research backgrounds.

Link for the Submission Form: