PROGRAMME: Summer Coral Reef Internships in Marine Ecology & Conservation
4 Transferable Undergraduate/Graduate Credits – Rutgers University
Institute of Marine & Coastal Sciences

The Central Caribbean Marine Institute, Little Cayman

31st May – 17th June, 2015

CCMI and Rutgers University invite students to apply for our Coral Reef Internship programme. Participants will learn about principles of tropical ecology, sustainability and management, through a combination of fieldwork and lecture series. Students will finally develop and conduct a field research project with a principal investigator relating to coral reef
ecosystems in the Caribbean. These projects will be developed into a joint research poster that may be published or presented at a national or international conference. Students are also engaged in data collection as
part of 15 years of active research by CCMI at one of the world’s most beautiful coral reef systems surrounding Little Cayman and the Bloody Bay Marine Park.

Applications should be received no later than March 1st. Registration is limited so early application is encouraged. Scuba divers are encouraged to apply, but non-certified participants are also accepted.

Undergraduate and graduate course credit is offered through the Rutgers University Institute of Marine & Coastal Sciences and the Rutgers Study Abroad programme. Credits are transferable. All registration requirements
and payment for this course must be processed through Rutgers Study Abroad programme. More information on the course can be found at the Rutgers Study Abroad website here.

For more information on the program, please contact Tom Sparke, Education Coordinator at CCMI, at Students may also email Rutgers at or call 732-932-7787.