Asociacion ANAI is a Costa Rican nonprofit organization that has pioneered some of the world’s most successful and highly participatory community-based conservation and development initiatives.  ANAI’s Biomonitoring Program has worked for several decades to understand and protect the high biodiversity found in freshwater ecosystems in Costa Rica and other parts of Central America.

The volunteer opportunity is to learn more about tropical fish and stream ecology in one of the world’s great biodiversity hot spots. The volunteer will learn from ANAI staff and trained parataxonomists from the Cabecar, Bribri, Naso and Ngobe tribes, while participating in hands-on stream surveys and conducting environmental education in Spanish.

Minimum requirements are:
Availability during all or most of the period Feb. 15 May 15.;
Functional capability in Spanish.;
Good health and physical condition;
Own insurance;
Ability to work long hours in a hot climate;
Work well both in a group and independently.

We provide:
Lodging at our field station in Hone Creek, Talamanca and in our San Jose office; dormitory (nights of arrival and departure.);
Essential in-country transportation;
Food and lodging on multi-day field trips;
We don’t provide food, but there are cooking facilities at Hone Creek, and one can live fairly economically.

To apply, write to:  If you feel comfortable writing in Spanish, you can also try emailing my colleagues Maribel Mafla

Interested but not sure?  Feel free to find out more about the position from a past volunteer: write to

Check out our website
for more information. Thanks!