Two PhD Research Assistantships in Stream Ecology –
University of Oklahoma and Kansas State University

We seek two highly motivated doctoral students to join a National Science
Foundation funded project investigating how interacting consumer
aggregations influence resource distribution and fluxes in streams. Stream
fish and mussel assemblages are known to generate biogeochemical hotspots,
but have very different characteristics based on species life history and
behavior. Long-lived mussels are localized, stable, immobile, long-term
hotspots that provide relatively constant nutrient subsidies. Shorter-lived
fishes are mobile, widespread, short-term hotspots that provide nutrient
subsidies more dependent on hydrologic conditions. Our project investigates
how these two important hotspots overlap and interact to influence the
functioning of stream networks. The project includes extensive field
studies, mesocosm experiments and modeling.

This project is a collaboration between the Caryn Vaughn lab at the
University of Oklahoma and the Keith Gido lab at Kansas State University.
One student will work with Vaughn in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Graduate Program through the Department of Biology at OU. One student will
work with Gido through the Division of Biology at KSU. Field studies will
be performed in the Kiamichi and Little Rivers in southeastern Oklahoma.
Mesocosm experiments will be conducted at the Konza Prairie Biological
Station at KSU, an NSF LTER site. Students will be encouraged to develop
dissertation research within the broader scope of the project. Preferred
applicants will have earned a M.S. degree and exhibit equal enthusiasm for
field-based work and experimentation in the laboratory. For more
information, please visit our web sites listed below or contact Caryn
Vaughn (, (405) 325-4034) or Keith Gido  (,
(785) 532-5088).

Application deadline:
January 31 2015

Application materials:
Please send a brief cover letter, resume, transcripts, GRE scores, and
contact information for two references to either (OU
position) or (KSU position).

Further information:
Vaughn Lab:
Gido Lab:
OU – Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Graduate Program:
OU – Department of Biology:
KSU – Division of Biology at KSU:
KSU – Konza Prairie Biological Station:
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