M.S. Opportunity in the Department of Biological Sciences, Eastern Illinois University starting Summer/Fall 2015.  We are seeking a highly motivated student for this unique opportunity.  We partner with the City of Charleston, IL to train students to test for their operators license in waste-water treatment and utilize them are ancillary operations staff.  Students will have a 12 month paid assistant-ship to work at our Wastewater Treatment Facility gaining professional experience in: laboratory analysis, sampling, operations, maintenance, plat/system operations monitoring, and data entry.  In addition, the student will wok towards a thesis master’s on a project associated with the fate and effect of pharmaceuticals (especially synthetic estrogen) in natural stream systems.  Work could include fish as focal species.  Eastern Illinois University offers opportunites for dual degree’s in Sustainability and certifications in GISci which could be accomplished within the 2-year time period of the appointment.  We seek the individuals who have interests in the wastewater and water quality professions (see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_to7V6LvCc for more information on the program).  To apply, send a CV and cover letter to Dr. Karean Gaines (kfgaines@eiu.edu); students will also have to apply to the Department of Biological Sciences graduate school and submit all required materials listed on the application website: http://www.eiu.edu/biologygrad/applicationprocess.php.

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