Graduate student opportunity in evaluating hybridization amongst native
river turtle populations at Virginia Commonwealth University.

The Dyer ( and Vonesh
( labs at Virginia Commonwealth University
have an opening beginning fall 2015 for a Master’s student interested in
examining the issue of hybridization amongst Northern Red-Bellied Cooter
(Pseudemys ruberventris) and Eastern River Cooter (Pseudemys concinna)
populations in Virginia.

The student will be use morphometric and genetic analyses, with both
existing and field collected datasets, in addressing this question. The
student is expected to begin the collection of field data beginning May 25,
2015, with a provided stipend, until the commencement of the fall semester
on August 19, 2015. Position dependent upon anticipated funding for research
and applicant applying for and being awarded a graduate teaching
assistant-ship in the MS Biology program.

B.S. in Biology, Ecology, or related field
Ability to perform fieldwork in difficult conditions including being able to
lift 50lbs without strain
Background knowledge of boats and their engines
G.P.A exceeding 3.5 with GRE scores at or above the 70th percentile

To apply:
Please submit the following to Dr. Rodney Dyer ( CV
including both G.P.A and GRE scores, Statement of research interests, Names
and contact information of 3 professional references