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Greetings from USC!
I am the Diversity Director for an NSF funded Science and Technology Center (Center for Dark Energy Biosphere Investigations) and the Associate Director of our Center, Dr. Julie Huber, is at MBL.  The Center’s research focuses on microbiology in the ocean’s deep subsurface.

For the past 4 summers, I have run a summer program (described below) recruiting underrepresented students from across the US to learn about environmental microbiology.  Now, I’m promoting the Summer Student Fellowships at WHOI and the Woods Hole Partnership Education to my former participants and wanted to let you know about our program.

Our ideal student has just completed either Freshman or Sophomore years and comes from both 2 and 4 year schools.  The goal of catching them early in their college career is to guide their path through and prepare them for an REU experiences.

The program is an all expense paid 4 week, residential, hand’s on not-for-credit course that engages students in field based research and introduces microbial protocols.

Please distribute the attached flier and email below to those students who might be able to benefit from the program.

Also, I’m looking for anyone else are URI that may be working with first generation, low income, and underrepresented students.  Any tips would be appreciated!  If you have questions, I’d be happy to answer them.

Best wishes for a successful new year,

Cynthia Joseph, Diversity Director

The University of Southern California’s Center for Dark Energy Biosphere Investigations (C-DEBI), funded by the National Science Foundation, offers an all-expense paid four-week intensive introductory course, Global Environmental Microbiology (GEM).  This course focuses on microbes found in aquatic environments investigated through authentic research experiences (students collect, process & interpret data).

Where:  University of Southern California
When:  June 7 – July 2, 2015
Who:  Undergraduates from 2 or 4-year colleges
Cost:  FREE, including travel, plus modest stipend
How to apply:  Application on-line beginning December 1, 2014
Note:  First generation college, women, and under-represented students encouraged to apply

The course includes lectures, labs and fieldwork at USC, the Eastern Sierra Mountains, and on Santa Catalina Island.

Application Opens:  December 1, 2014
Application Deadline:  February 3, 2015
Course:  June 7 – July 2, 2015

Our ideal student:
·      Early college career
·      Scientifically curious
·      Interested in a science career and willing to explore scientific research
·      Able to commit to 4 weeks
·      Open and receptive to new experiences
Flier is attached for distribution and display.

For questions and comments, contact Cynthia Joseph at
Thank you!

Cynthia Joseph
Diversity Director, Center for Dark Energy Biosphere Investigations