Calling young artists, poets, writers, filmmakers, and their teachers!


The 2015 Ocean Awareness Student Contests are LIVE and accepting entries until June 15, 2015.

Take action.  Be the ocean caretakers of the next generation.


Inspired by filming From the Bow Seat, a film about conservation efforts in the Gulf of Maine, Linda Cabot set out on a mission with her two young daughters to change the way the world thinks about young people, ocean conservation, and art.  FTBS Ocean Awareness Programs encourage and inspire youth from around the globe to use their creative arts to be “artivists” – people who make art to make a difference.

The Ocean Awareness Student Contest is an annual opportunity for middle and high school students submit their creative works about the ocean.  The 2015 theme, Our Oceans, Our Plastic, asks students to create Art, Poetry, Prose, or Films that address plastic pollution in our oceans.

If you’re a student, here’s what you can do to get started.

  1. Research.
    Use FTBS’s Get Startedpage to find resources and inspiration. Do research on your own, ask tough and complex questions, think about the way science and society helps you interpret the theme, and start building your case for ocean advocacy.
  2. Create.
    Interpret the theme to create your own work of art, writing, poetry, or film that advocates for ocean stewardship. Make sure you’ve met all the requirements for your category.
  3. Submit. 
    To enter the contest, register and uploadboth your work and a reflection.

If you’re a teacher, connect the contest to your classroom in any way you want!  Use it as a wrap up to a marine or environmental science unit, or teach your students how to do watercolors by looking at plastic bags in the ocean, or show them how to write an analytical essay or personal poem.   You can request that FTBS share a presentation with you on connecting art and ocean advocacy, or even request a classroom visit!

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