January 20th through May 22nd, 2015

Complete applications must be submitted by November 15, 2014

RESEARCH DESCRIPTION: The Luquillo Long-Term Ecological Research Program of
the University of Puerto Rico, International Institute of Tropical Forestry
and collaborating institutions will carry out a tree canopy trimming
experiment in plots established at the El Verde Field Station in the
Luquillo Experimental Forest, Puerto Rico. The first trim manipulation was
conducted in 2004 and the second trim manipulation will be completed by the
end of 2014. The purpose of the study is to determine the effects of
distinct components of hurricane damage on forested ecosystem
characteristics such as tree species composition, soil processes, and food
web dynamics. For this project we need three (3) to five (5) volunteer
interns to assist in field work that includes measuring seedling dynamics,
taking litterfall measurements, conducting soil sampling, and other routine
field measurements. See and
citations within for a detailed description of the project.

Volunteers will spend long hours in the field (8am until 4 pm, Mon-Fri,
with weekends free), often in very wet and muddy conditions. Studies of
vertebrates and invertebrates will require work at night, so volunteers
must be comfortable working in the forest at night using headlamps. While in
Puerto Rico volunteers will have the opportunity to learn about diverse
aspects of tropical ecology from scientists involved in the Luquillo
Long-Term Ecological Research Program.

REQUIREMENTS: College graduates with background in biology, ecology, or
environmental science, preferably with field-work experience, knowledge of
plant identification, and excellent organizational skills. Tropical
experience useful, but is not required. We are currently only considering
US citizens and permanent US residents for these opportunities.

PERIOD: January 20th through May 22nd, 2015.

STIPEND: $600 per month to cover food and general living expenses.

ACCOMMODATION: Free accommodation at El Verde Field Station in Puerto Rico.
Housing is communal using shared resources. The field station is relatively
isolated and transportation is available on a limited basis.

TRAVEL: Refund of up to $750 towards a round-trip plane ticket from
mainland USA, if not already living in Puerto Rico.

NOTE: We are unable to provide any medical insurance.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Interested applicants must fill out the online
Application Form

The following additional materials must also be submitted via email to
Stankavich, the LTER coordinator, at
1) A letter of interest indicating why you wish to work in the tropical
forest and describing your relevant experience. Include a statement that
understand your application is for a volunteer position;
2) Full resume;
3) University transcripts (scanned unofficial transcripts are fine).

All email attachments must include the name of the applicant as part of the
file name. Please indicate that you are applying for the CTE volunteer
position in the subject line of the e-mail. Please email further inquiries
to Following phone interviews, we will inform successful
applicants in early December.

For more information about the Luquillo LTER research program and the El
Verde Field Station, please see, and