Dr. Caz Taylor is seeking applicants to fill two PhD positions starting in Fall 2015. More
information about the lab can be found at http://caz.tulane.edu and information about the
department at  http://tulane.edu/sse/eebio/

1) Shorebird Stopover Ecology.  This project will continue our study of shorebirds on the Gulf
Coast, examining the effects of habitat degradation and sea level rise. The project is flexible and
will be designed by the student but will certainly involve trapping and re-sighting of color-banded
shorebirds in Gulf coast habitats and may involve integration of data into population models.
Experience working with small birds, particularly shorebirds is strongly preferred.   A master’s
degree or significant independent research experience is also desirable.

2) Monarch Butterfly migration and behavior. I am seeking a PhD student to study migratory and
resident Monarch Butterflies in the Gulf Coast region. This is part of a new project with
collaborators Sonia Altizer (UGA), Richard Hall (UGA) and Karen Oberhauser (U. Minnesota). The
project is flexible and will be designed by the student but we are particularly interested in the
potential of introduced milkweed species to alter the migratory behavior of monarchs and other
potential changes to migration patterns and population dynamics.  No previous experience with
butterflies is necessary but some previous ecological research experience, particularly at the
master’s level, is preferred.

Support for both positions will be a combination of Research Assistantships and Teaching
Assistantships, depending on funding. Students are encouraged to apply for their own fellowships
through NSF or other agencies. Our department has one fellowship available for a student from an
underrepresented minority and any such applicants are strongly encouraged to apply. If interested
in either position, please send a cover letter (specifying which position you are interested in and
why you are interested in graduate work in my lab) and a resume/CV to Caz Taylor caz@tulane.edu
before Nov 21st .  I will contact a small number of qualified applicants soon after this date and
invite them to apply formally to EEB at Tulane
(http://tulane.edu/sse/eebio/academics/graduate/apply.cfm). Formal applications are due by Jan
15 2015.