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Call for Papers: AAG Annual Meeting, 21-25 April 2015

*Session Title: *Payments for Ecosystem Services: Paths toward Sustainability**

Co-organizers: Li An, Conghe Song, Xiaodong Chen, Stephen Crook

Co-chairs: Li An, Conghe Song, Xiaodong Chen, Richard Bilsborrow

Payments for ecosystem services (PES) are direct incentives paid to resource users to take certain actions, or refrain from them, to secure ecosystem services, such as clean air, clean water, fertile soil, forests, and eco-tourism.Government entities, the private sector, and non-governmental organizations worldwide invest billions of dollars each year in PES programs. Despite reported successes in restoring and conserving ecosystems and their corresponding services, lack of sustainability has become a serious concern for many PES programs worldwide. An emerging problem is that PES participants may return to their previous behavioral patterns when payments end.This session will explore possible pathways toward PES sustainability, including addressing the complex and sometimes reciprocal relationships between PES programs and related socioeconomic, demographic, and environmental systems. We particularly encourage research that addresses theoretical, methodological, or empirical issues related to (but not limited to) the following topics:

1. Potential mechanisms for successful (or unsuccessful) PES programs;

2. Socioeconomic, demographic, and political consequences of PES programs;

3. Methodological issues: collection of qualitative and quantitative data related to PES, data analysis and modeling, applications of GIS techniques and spatial statistics, integration of multidisciplinary or multi-scale data, and addressing complexity in PES related coupled natural and human (CNH) systems. Analyses using similar integrated frameworks including coupled human and natural systems (CHANS), social-ecological systems, or social-environmental systems are also welcome.

This session (sessions) is co-sponsored by the AAG Spatial Analysis and Modeling group, the Geographical Information Science and Systems group, and the Human Dimensions of Global Change group. To be considered for the sessions:

1. Please register and submit your abstract online following the AAG Guidelines (; and

2. Please send your paper title, PIN, and abstract no later than Wednesday, November 20, to:

Dr. Li An ( <>) & Stephen Crook ( <>)

Department of Geography

San Diego State University

Dr. Conghe Song ( <>)

Dr. Xiaodong Chen ( <>)

Department of Geography

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill