I will be recruiting one new graduate student (likely Ph.D., though
potentially M.S.) to start summer/fall 2015 to work on questions related
to how landscape corridors affect plant populations and/or communities,
within the Savannah River Site Corridor experiment
(http://brudviglab.plantbiology.msu.edu/?page_id=406).  This individual
will join Lars Brudvig’s Lab at Michigan State University
(http://brudviglab.plantbiology.msu.edu/) and the multi-university
Corridor Project research group, who is currently supported by the
National Science Foundation to understand the long-term impacts of
landscape corridors on plant community diversity.  Substantial
opportunities exist for this student to develop an independent line of
research, in context of this experimental system.

Required qualifications include: a Bachelor’s degree in biology,
ecology, or a related discipline, substantial research experience, and a
strong desire to conduct ecological research that will help solve
pressing environmental issues.

Students may be admitted into the Plant Biology Department and Ecology,
Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior Program, to start in summer/fall
2015.  For more information, including application details, please see:
http://www.plantbiology.msu.edu/; http://eebb.msu.edu/.
Interested individuals should email Lars Brudvig (brudvig@msu.edu) well
in advance of the December 1, 2014 application deadline with a copy of
their CV, GRE scores, undergraduate GPA, and a brief description of
their past research experience and interests for research in graduate