If you are, or know of a suitably adventurous student looking for a PhD position, we have an open call at the Universidad de Antofagasta in Chile for applications to join the programme in Applied Science  – Coastal Marine Systems.

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The programme extends across a series of research areas, but in terms of things of interest to the subscribers of this list include the ecology of fish and other marine taxa, ecotoxicology, microbial ecology, evolutionary ecology, oceanography, parasitology, fisheries, and aquaculture. The language of the PhD programme is Spanish, but some labs (e.g. mine) use English and most potential supervisors speak and publish in English.

Why come to Antofagasta? It’s sunny every day, we are located adjacent to one of the biggest upwelling centres in the World, the Ocean is less than 200 m from the office/lab and if you look to the East, you have the Atacama desert. Life in Chile is good, standards of living are high and there is a lot of research to do. The university is very supportive of research students and we have a large and active group of researchers e.g. in the Instituto de Ciencias Naturales Alexander von Humboldt

If you have questions, feel free to email me, or the coordinator of the selection committee Dr Rodrigo Orrego<<<>>
All the best

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Professor Chris Harrod
(Fish & Aquatic Ecology)

Twitter: @chris_harrod<<<>>
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