The NASA ARES Expedition Earth and Beyond (EEAB) Program is planning to schedule its next Classroom Connection Webinar for this school year. This event will feature an interactive presentation, led by Mars experts at the NASA Johnson Space Center. It will be geared towards students in grades 5-12th grade. Learn about the successes leading up to the Curiosity Mars rover’s current position at the base of Mt. Sharp & the exciting discoveries the rover continues to make.  [Note:  Other grade levels more than welcome to attend!  The speaker will engage participants with lots of images and some of the information will be at higher level – but it is sure to grasp your students attention.]


The title of this event will be called, “Curiosity at the Base of Mt Sharp: Exciting Discoveries Continue” The presentation will last approximately 40 minutes followed by an optional 10-20 minutes of Q & A from you/your students.


To participate in this event, all you would need is 1) an internet connected computer and 2) a speaker phone to hear the speaker.  (Note: If you want to have sound through your computer, you can call in using Skye or Google Voice (if you have account with either of these and know how to use them).


BEFORE we officially schedule the event, we would like to get your input on which dates/times would fit best with your schedule.  Based on our presenters availability and your input, we will host the event on one of the following days:  October 21 – October 24.  The event will be scheduled for 1 hour.  To provide your input to help us decide on the final scheduling of this event, do the following:

  1. Go to this doodle link:
  1. Type in your name
  2. Put a check mark next to all times you would be able to participate  (Note:  Times on the poll are listed as Eastern Times so please convert based on your time zone.  FYI – AZ time is currently -3 hours.)
  3. Add a comment (located towards the bottom of the page) or give us your email address if you are not already on our distribution list (i.e if you were forwarded this email).
  4. Click Save


I will aim to schedule this event according to the availability of the majority of those of you interested.  Please provide your feedback by Wednesday, October 15.  If you are not interested, please disregard this email.   If you would like to be removed from this distribution list, please let me know.


AFTER we receive feedback I will send out a follow-up email with the date(s) the event has been officially scheduled and registration information.  At that time you will be able to officially register for the event.


Thanks!  I look forward to possibly connecting with you and your students!




Paige Valderrama Graff

ARES Education, Expedition Earth and Beyond Project Lead

Jacobs @ NASA Johnson Space Center



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