Come and join us at Ea mai ka Pō mai: Arts and Sovereignty Emerging on October 21st from 10:00am-6:00pm at Campus Center Courtyard. The idea of the event is to use art as a catalyst to talk about nation building, sovereignty, ea, and what our kuleana is in moving towards independence. The event will run from 10am-6pm with poets (Jamaica, Nalani McDougall, and Craig ma), speeches, musicians on loop, all on stage, while other artists facilitate various workshops evenly dispersed throughout the space, like muraling, screen printing and block printing.

Kumu Kaleikoa will be doing a keynote speech around 4:30.

Screen Printing workshop: *Bring your own shirts (up to 4 total). We will bring out the Mauna a Wakea and Makua Valley designs, along with 2 other Ea inspired designs to screen print on to shirts.

Live mural by Kalani Ware and Cory Taum, also open to others who come by and want to paint.

Linocut printmaking with Joy. All supplies provided for. Just show up and learn how to make a beautiful linocut and how to print.

Many other really amazing things happening! Please bring your students, friends, family and join is for the day.

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