The James Duke Ethonobotanical Fellowship aims to increase opportunities for research in the Andean and Amazonian regions of Peru. This research fellowship opportunity is open to graduate students (masters and doctoral level) from any institution with a demonstrated interest in undertaking ethnobotanical research in the Peruvian Andes/Amazon. Proposed research projects must have a strong link to ethnobotany and biodiversity conservation. Participation from collaborators in Peru in proposed research is encouraged. Research fellowship grantees will be selected on a competitive basis and notifications will be made to successful applicants by December 1, 2014.

All research activity and related fellowship funds must be spent by December 31, 2015. Funds may not be used for lobbying, salary, overhead or administrative costs. Recipients of the fellowship will be eligible to apply for future funds to help support the costs of presenting results at meetings/conferences.  All application materials must be submitted in a single PDF file by November 1, 2014 to:

Dr. Roger W. Mustalish, President
ACEER Foundation

Please direct any questions to Dr. Mustalish.

Your application materials must include:

• Brief letter of Intent, explaining your interest and links to the Peruvian Andes and Amazon regions
• CV (4 page maximum)
• Research proposal (see below for guidelines)
• Budget (maximum $1000)
• Two recommendation letters (one from your major adviser and one from another professional familiar with your research).

Research Proposal Guidelines:
Please include all of the following information in your proposal.

Cover Sheet

1. Contact Information

• Name
• Address
• Phone
• Email
• University
• School / Department / Academic Program

2. Proposal information

• Title of research proposal
• Location(s) where research is to be conducted
• Name and contact information of major professor
• Names and information for any co-investigators
• Names and institutional contacts of any other collaborators in Peru
• Dates of research

Research Project Description

1. Summary (maximum 100 words)
2. Background (maximum 350 words)
3. Objectives (maximum 200 words)
4. Description of Study area(s) (maximum 200 words; may also include a separate map if needed)
5. Methods (maximum 300 words)
6. Expected results and outcomes (maximum 200 words)
7. Literature Cited


Please provide a budget breakdown indicating items to be supported by funds from this fellowship vs. by other funding sources (please indicate the source of other funds). The maximum amount of this research fellowship is $1000 US Dollars.

For more information, please visit: