Dear colleagues,

Transmitting Science offers a new course which migth could be of interest for
some members of this list:


INSTRUCTOR: Dr. JULIEN CLAUDE ((Institut des Sciences de l’Évolution de
Montpellier, France).

DATES: January 26-30, 2015; 35 hourse on-site.  End early registration: October

PLACE:  Facilities of the Centre of Restauració i Interpretació Paleontologica,
Els Hostalets de Pierola,  Barcelona (Spain).

Organized by: Transmitting Science, the Institut Catalá de Paleontologia Miquel
Crusafont and the Centre of Restauració i Interpretació Paleontologica.

More information:   or
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Concepts in geometric morphometrics will be taught using a series of original
data sets and working in R for solving a series of tasks. The course will start
with an introduction to R and will rapidly go into shape analysis with
measurements, landmark data and outlines. The participants are welcome to bring
their own data and problems so that we may find R solutions.

Please feel free to distribute this information between your colleagues if you
consider it appropriate.

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Soledad De Esteban Trivigno, PhD.
Course Director
Transmitting Science