We are proud to announce the launch of the Proceedings of the Natural
Institute of Science (PNIS), an online-only, satirical scientific journal
designed to promote the understanding of science by the general public.

PNIS publishes two types of articles: 1) satirical articles that spoof
popular scientific precepts and cliches and 2) scientific articles that use
actual data to analyze trivial or silly research questions. These articles
are designed to demonstrate that just about everybody uses scientific
concepts and the scientific method on a daily basis, and that the pursuit
of science, while being noble, is not above mocking.

Most articles are written in the traditional journal style (e.g.,
Introduction, Methods, Results, etc.), which we believe will accustom the
public with the most common type of scientific output. In addition, PNIS
accepts submissions from anyone, thus providing a means for the general
public to participate in the joys (and sometimes dread) of scientific

PNIS is completely open-access and has no publication costs or page fees
for authors.

Our website is http://pnis.co [1] and more information about us can be
found at http://pnis.co/about.html [2], and our first editorial:
http://pnis.co/editorial1.pdf. [3] You can also follow us on twitter at
https://twitter.com/pnis_co [4].

We are also currently accepting submissions, and are pleased to report that
we currently have a 100% acceptance rate!


PNIS editorial team (admin@pnis.co)

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[1] http://pnis.co
[2] http://pnis.co/about.html
[3] http://pnis.co/editorial1.pdf.
[4] https://twitter.com/pnis_co