Post-doctoral research opportunity – Stable isotope ecology

The Stable Isotopes in Nature Laboratory (SINLAB) at the Canadian Rivers Institute (CRI) and University of New Brunswick (UNB) in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, seek an innovative and highly motivated individual to conduct multi-disciplinary scientific research beginning in February 2014.  The successful candidate will be expected to conduct independent field and lab-oriented research involving the analysis of stable isotopes of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen and sulphur to address ecological issues.

The CRI is an interdisciplinary research institute with over 60 graduate students and scientists from diverse academic and government departments interacting to resolve complex issues in aquatic science.
Principal fields of research by CRI scientists and students include determination of food sources and pathways in river ecosystems, study of migration and foraging ecology, tracing contaminant pathways, assessing impact of exotic species on native biota and biodiversity, and investigating the fate of marine-derived nutrients in freshwater food webs.  The individual will be expected to collaborate with other CRI scientists and graduate students at UNB.  Preference will be given to individuals whose chief fields of research are aquatic science, particularly fish biology and/or freshwater ecology, but individuals with backgrounds in other sciences that employ stable isotopes will also be considered.  The successful candidate will be expected to actively disseminate his/her research in high quality scientific journals and international conferences.

Although the primary focus is on research, the individual will also assist SINLAB staff by providing advice to clients and graduate students on project design and sample collection as well as interpretation of stable isotope data for their research programs. The individual will aid the SINLAB staff in implementing/revising the labs quality control/ quality assurance (QA/QC) protocols such as the development of new standards for use in C, N, H, O and S analyses, actively participate in inter-laboratory comparisons and ensuring data meet all QA/QC criteria before being reported.

Applicants must hold a PhD, preferably in the biological sciences, or geochemistry. A solid background in ecology and proven experience with stable isotope (SI) ratio mass spectrometers and other SI data analyses will be considered strong assets. International candidates are encouraged to apply.

Salary: $45,000 CAD per annum. Funding for the postdoctoral position is secured for two years, with an option for continued funding.

Deadline for receipt of applications: November 15, 2013.

Interested individuals should send a letter of interest, names of three references, and a full CV to:

Dr. Rick Cunjak,
Professor, and Canada Research Chair in River Ecosystem Science
Director, Stable Isotopes in Nature Laboratory (
Canadian Rivers Institute (
Department of Biology, and Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management
University of New Brunswick
Fredericton, New Brunswick, CANADA. E3B 5A3.
Tel: 506-452-6204