AfroMont: Two open positions

Fixed contract position: Coordinator for AfroMont, the African
Mountain Research NetworkThe University of Pretoria is offering a
contract position for the coordinator of AfroMont, the African
Mountain Research Network
AfroMont consists of 300 scientists from across Africa who have a
common interest: sustainable resources and livelihoods in the African
mountains. AfroMont wishes to promote the science needed to achieve
sustainable livelihoods and ecosystem services in these areas.

Post-doctoral position available: Global change in African Mountains

The University of Pretoria is offering a post-doctoral research
position on global change in African mountains. Global change denotes
the interaction between climate as well as other global drivers, and
human practice with respect to the ecosystem services, food and
natural resources. The effect of global change is likely to be
observed clearly in mountain areas because the altitudinal variation
in climate and natural resources in mountains provides a sensitive
indicator of environmental conditions and because human populations
in mountains are often closely dependent on these mountain natural resources.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. J.W.H. Ferguson
Centre for Environmental Studies, University of Pretoria