Please note the offering of a PhD position in Geoecology at the University of Tübingen, fowarded on behalf of Prof. Oelmann (Geoecology, University of
Tübingen). The project focusses on the P cycle in forest ecosystems using O isotopes in phosphate. Here is the detailed offering:

“The research group of Geoecology (Geography, Department of Geosciences) invites applications for

One PhD Student Position in Soil Science (65%, TV-L E13)

within the multidisciplinary project “Ecosystem nutrition: Forest strategies for limited phosphorus resources” granted by the German Science Foundation (SPP 1685). Several research groups perform interdisciplinary research to understand processes underlying P nutrition in forests.

In this frame, the research group of Geoecology is in charge of the subproject “The phosphorus cycle in forest ecosystems as revealed by analysis of the isotopic composition of oxygen associated to phosphate” jointly with Prof. E. Frossard (ETH Zurich) and Dr. T. Pütz (FZ Jülich). Recently developed methods to analyze the oxygen isotope signature in phosphate in soil allows for the identification of biologically-cycled phosphate. Using this technique, we will be able to trace the sources of phosphate for P nutrition of trees. The prospective PhD candidate will study biogeochemical P release in soil and the subsequent uptake by tree saplings using these isotope techniques.

Applicants should have a background in Geoecology, Geoscience, Physical Geography, Landscape Ecology, Environmental Sciences, Forestry, Agricultural Sciences, Biology, Geochemistry, or Environmental Chemistry. Excellent knowledge of and laboratory experience in wet chemistry is required. The successful candidate should have extended knowledge of stable (and radioactive) isotopes in the environment. Good communication skills, high motivation and commitment to interdisciplinary research particularly focusing on environmental issues are required. The position will be open until qualified candidates are identified. We particularly encourage female applicants to apply for this position. Disabled persons will bepreferred in caseof equal qualification.

Please send your application (cover letter, full CV, copies of certificates, and names, telephone numbers and email addresses of two academic referees) as a single PDF file attached to an email to Yvonne Oelmann (yvonne.oelmann[at] Application deadline is October 31st, 2013.”

Best regards,

Dipl.-Geograph Marc Ruppenthal

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