WiSE ASC Assistant Coordinator Position Available:

Job Description:

Each year WiSE hosts the Athena Science Challenge, an outreach science competition for girls from local high schools. We try to encourage these girls to pursue careers in the STEM fields with a weekend of awesome challenges and activities. The planning takes a lot of organization, and we would like to hire an assistant coordinator who has the ability to help with the work while having a great time. This position would start immediately and continue into next semester. (CS and website experience preferred!) For more information about the ASC, please visit http://www.brown.edu/academics/college/support/women-in-science-and-engineering/asc%20overview.

Job Requirements:

Must be able to work independently as well as collaborate with students, faculty and participants in the Athena Science Challenge. Good communication and organizational skills are required. The Assistant Coordinator will assist the Lead Coordinator with various tasks. All applicants shall be available for 5-10 hours per week for WiSE assignments.

Anyway, if you are still reading, then you still sound interested! If you want to know more, please feel free to email me (Sophia_tsang@brown.edu). I am the head Athena coordinator, so you would be working closely with me. If you are ready to apply, please fill out the form on the link below:


Then, send me a copy of your resume (to Sophia_tsang@brown.edu). The final step will be an interview with me, so it would be nice if you suggest some times in your email. Thanks! Looking forward to meeting you!

Sophia 🙂