The OGS modeling group is offering  a 3 years phd fellowship          in marine system modeling for a research on one of the          following topics :

– 3D Coupled transport biogeochemical models,          with particular ref to developing/analysis of Plankton          Functional Type or trait based plankton models, to the          coupling of those models to MitGCM model or to Finite Element          Models, and to the exploitation of High Performance Computers          

– individual based models and lagrangian          approaches to marine systems models

– modeling food webs and higher trophic level          organisms dynamics


The PhD school is          organized by the University of Trieste,          the International Center for Theoretical              Physics, the Istituto              Nazionale di Oceanografia e Geofisica Sperimentale          see

info on how to          apply at  at  (“Earth Science and Fluid          Mechanics” doctorate course, attachment 9)           application can be submitted online, within sept 16

Additional info          at          (page under revision)

          The OGS modeling group is also taking into consideration the          possibility to provide support for one or more  postdoc fellowships in          one of the above mentioned topics and we invite interested          candidates to express their interest by sending an e-mail to The e-mail          should include the candidate specific interest (max 10 lines)          and a short CV (max 4 pages) within sept 30. Object line          should include the name of the candidate and the string           ‘postdoc fellowhips on modeling”

salary and        benefits defined by current italian regulations