For the first seminar of the Fall 2013 semester three speakers will make presentations. 

Gary Gill, Deputy Director, Environmental Health Administration, State of Hawaii Department of Health
Roy Hardy, Hydrologic Program Manager, State Commission on Water Resource Management
Glenn H. Oyama, Hydrologist-Geologist, Honolulu Board of Water Supply
Issues covered will be related to the respective agency’s roles related to water as a valuable and irreplaceable source for the islands. Potential support through UH’s research will be discussed. Among other functions, the Environmental Health Administration is responsible for implementing and maintaining statewide programs for controlling air and water pollution, for assuring safe drinking water, and for the proper management of solid and hazardous waste. The division also regulates the state’s wastewater. The Commission on Water Resource Management administers the State Water Code, which was created by the 1987 Hawaii State Legislature. The Commission’s general mission is to protect and enhance the water resources of the State of Hawaii through wise and responsible management. The Honolulu Board of Water Supply (HBWS) is tasked with providing a safe and dependable supply of water, now and into the future, to the residents and businesses on Oahu. HBWS issues related to quality and quantity of water, water rates, customer service, and breaks in water lines are often in the news. An update is presented of how the HBWS is working to address those issues, and to fulfill its mission of “Water for Life – Ka Wai Ola”.
This semester’s seminar series is in Honor of L. Stephen Lau and John Mink, for their contributions to the study of hydrology in Hawaii.