The focus of HI Sci is to amplify the presence, knowledge and voices of at large community and Native Hawaiian students within the Hawaiian Island science community.


The mission of HI Sci is to perpetuate the identity of our ancestors, whose cultural tool kits provided a necessary interdisciplinary and sustainable work ethic for survival in this Hawaiian archipelago. Through creating a focused space where the general community and Native Hawaiians feel welcomed HI Sci aims to empower Hawai‘i’s residents to make informed decisions, through direct interaction with scientists, managers and community resource specialists for the benefit and prolonged sustainability of our island communities.


Hawaiian Islands Science, also known as HI Sci, is a University of Hawai‘i at Manoa (UHM) Native Hawaiian graduate student-driven initiative targeted at raising awareness and interaction between Native Hawaiians, the UHM student body, administration, affiliates, community of the Hawaiian Islands and members of the Hawai‘i Science community. HI Sci provides general community members a chance to explore the potential benefits of traditional and scientific knowledge, how these methodologies are being applied to contemporary issues, as well as cultural and social implications that may come from these forms of inquiry.